Secular? Party election campaign youtube videos

Our candidates are asking for your PRIMARY VOTE (first preference). By voting [1] Secular Party you can maximise the effect of your vote, thanks to preferences.?Putting us second, third, or anything else does not help us.

The only way to help the Secular Party is to put us first.

Some people are concerned they will “waste” their vote if they put us first, because we are a minor party. This isn’t true. Putting us as [1] actually makes your vote work harder. Print this HTV and take it to the polling booth.

Our preferences are allocated to like minded parties first, religious parties last. For major parties, our ordering is Greens, Labor, Liberal. For a complete list see Group Voting Ticket Y.

We’re a small grassroots organisation, run entirely by volunteers. We don’t get the media coverage available to the larger parties, and we don’t have a gimmick. We need the support of people like you to help us gain ground.

Senate: Ballot sheet: Group No. Y

Simon Cuthbert (Senate 1, Western Australia) [email protected] tel?0437 708 637

Simon was born and raised in the Hills Region of Perth, WA. He is married with two children.

Simon is a strong believer in freedom of choice. This applies to many areas such as the freedom to choose your religion, to practice your religion, to marry who you want to marry, to make decisions on your own reproductive health and the choice to end ones life by way of voluntary euthanasia.

Simon fully supports the rights of all humans in terms of access to welfare, government support services and recognition to be able to legally marry whom they choose and that we should not file people into “communities”.

As a secular humanist Simon has a desire to see evidence based policy and legislation in all government levels. He believes that there should be no prominent or favoured religion that influences decision making and that the only way to ensure justice for all is to have a truly secular state.

Simon also believes that the lack of taxation on religious organisations needs to be rectified as this creates injustice for other not for profit organisations who are not afforded the same privileges. He has supportive views on liberal economic policy.

Simon’s ultimate dream is to see the removal of bigoted mindsets in government and the community at large as well as the hope that we can all identify with each other as humans as opposed to the labels that have been created.

Andrew Thompson?(Senate 2, Western Australia)

Is a doctor and Physiotherapist who has lived in Perth for over 40 years. He has been outspoken about the misuse of public funds to support ?complementary? and ?alternative? medicine and their inclusion in private health insurance subsidies.

He supports same-sex marriage, fair and impartial taxing of religious and non-religious organisations and the equitable liability burden of ALL health professionals to provide peer-reviewed evidence to support their interventions.

A supporter of animal rights and an advocate for euthanasia Dr Thompson opposes religious influence on political decision-making.