All the major parties condone unwarranted imposition of religious views.

Unlike the other parties the Secular Party is:

  • both socially liberal and economically liberal;
  • the only party standing for the principle of separation of church and state.

Right-wing parties support economic freedom but oppose personal freedom, while left-wing parties oppose economic freedom but support personal freedom. The Secular Party is in favour of both economic freedom and personal freedom.

Economically, the Secular Party is neither left nor right. Inevitably there are policy choices between private gain and the public good. We believe that solutions to such questions are best achieved via the application of reason and balanced judgement, rather than resorting to any particular ideology.

The Secular Party is non-religious rather than anti-religious; however we do recognise the supremacy of the scientific method as a means of establishing truth. We therefore hold that excessive adherence to religious belief is unwarranted and can be harmful to society and to the world. We hold that “separation of church and state”, the ideal of secularism, is the key policy for the future of humanity.

Internationally, the Secular Party supports multilateral global solutions. To achieve these, a far greater ethic of international cooperation is required, based on putting the interests of global humanity first. To achieve this we seek to end global divisions based on ancient ideologies and superstitions. We seek to promote secularism worldwide, and oppose all forms of theocracy, whether Judaic, Christian or Islamic.

All existing major parties have significant religious allegiances, and hence are unable to advocate a truly secular agenda. The Secular Party seeks to bring to political debate issues that other parties do not raise. We seek to bring reason and evidence to debates, where due to unwarranted deference to religious sensibilities, reason and rationality have hitherto been absent.

The Secular Party dares to argue what others fail to mention; religions may not only be untrue but can be harmful to society. We assert the superiority of secular moral values based on universal ethical principles.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

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