We recognise global warming as a significant and dire threat to global civilisation. To address the problem, global carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced dramatically. The required global emission reductions are equivalent to the global cessation of emissions from coal-fired electricity generation. Paying polluters to mitigate pollution is a perverse strategy, Proposals for “cap and trade” schemes may not achieve the magnitude of reduction required. The best solution is a simple carbon tax. It is the policy of Secular Party therefore to reintroduce a carbon tax, and to promote this internationally.

The cost of investment in alternative energy production will be at least a hundred billion dollars in Australia alone. This can be financed from revenue from a carbon tax. To facilitate the introduction of a tax internationally, and to ease the transition for Australian industry, the Secular Party proposes an International Coal Tax to be levied on coal exports, in conjunction with other coal exporters. Revenue from the tax would be distributed domestically and internationally to assist structural adjustment and provide welfare compensation.

All forms of low carbon energy production will need to be utilised, including photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal, geothermal, tidal and new generation nuclear. Given Australia’s prominence in the world supply of uranium, the Secular Party considers that it is Australia’s responsibility, and to our advantage, to participate in all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, including power generation and waste disposal.

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