We support continuation of an immigration program that is both economically beneficial and environmentally sustainable, and which provides sufficient allowance for sustainable humanitarian obligations. The Secular Party deplores xenophobic attempts to demonise asylum seekers. We support review of any system that gives special priority to those asylum seekers who manage to reach Australia.

We note that migrants to Australia must agree to respect certain values, including the equality of men and women, as part of the Australian Values Statement in the immigration application form. It is the policy of the Secular Party to gain a commitment from prospective migrants that they will be required to respect these values and to comply with Australian law before any religious law. Evidence of compliance with the Australian Values Statement, such as witness statements, should be provided before permanent residence visas and citizenship are granted.

Refugees should be discouraged from attempting to enter Australia via boats; however, the current detention centre arrangements are inhumane and another solution is needed. It is undesirable that refugees bring with them extreme religious values that make it difficult for them to integrate into Australian society.

Sectarian violence is a prime motivator of migrant flows. It is the policy of the Secular Party that in order to accept a higher quota of refugees we need to ensure that children of all faiths mix together and learn about the nature of religions and secular ideals. Prospective refugees must be aware that indoctrination of their children in any religion in school will not be permitted.