International Law

The Secular Party recognises that civilisation is sustained by the rule of law. Globally, we support the enhancement of the International Criminal Court as a means of dealing with problems, rather than arbitrary superpower intervention. We support the development of international corporate law as a means of addressing adverse transnational corporate behaviour.

International secularism

We recognise that secularism is a principle that has wide application in solving a number of global issues. We support the concept of comprehensive secularism, (as defined by the International Humanist and Ethical Union) which entails not only impartiality between religions and the separation of religion from state institutions, but also the intervention, where necessary, to protect human rights from violation by religious assertions and injunctions.

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Israel and Palestine

The Secular Party is opposed to theocracies, whether Christian, Islamic or Judaic. A state that preserves privileges to a particular religious, ethnic or national group violates secular principles and universal human rights. The Secular Party advocates that the only possible long-term solution is one in which all citizens have equal rights.