Secular Party Opposes UN Resolution against Defamation of Religion

The Secular Party expresses concern that the United Nations General Assembly may shortly approve a non-binding resolution against the “defamation of religion”.

The sponsors of this resolution are the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference. This organisation has stated that its ultimate aim is an international blasphemy law that will make it a criminal offence to disparage Islam.

The resolution is designed to bolster discriminatory laws in Muslim countries that are often used against followers of other religions and non-believers. These laws are regularly used to torture and murder people in the name of Islam.

Further this resolution under the guise of combating ‘Islamophobia’ is designed to stifle debate in non-Muslim countries.

The Secular Party of Australia believes this non-binding resolution contradicts the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and will be used to legitimise blasphemy and apostasy laws (which make it a capital offence to convert from Islam) in the countries that have them.

Australia has a rich history of open and free expression and debate. This freedom is under threat from religious extremists and must be vigorously defended.

We call on the Parliament of Australia and the Foreign Minister to condemn and vote against this resolution.

Dec 6, 2010