Secular Party Strongly Supports Ethics in Schools

The Secular Party of Australia strongly supports the decision of the NSW Government to provide Ethics Classes as an alternative to Religious Education in state public schools.

We believe this measure is long overdue and a welcome step in the right direction.

We urge the NSW Government to work towards incorporating ethics teaching as a core part of the curriculum for all schools in NSW, including faith-based schools.

We believe that Ethics Classes should ultimately be taught by qualified teaching staff rather than volunteers as is proposed.

Religion has no place in public classrooms unless studied as comparative religion.

Parents wanting to provide their children with ethical secular educations should be able to choose public schools without concerns of religious influence.

Most Australians reasonably expect public schools to provide a religion-free alternative education to children.

The Secular Party is deeply disappointed to hear that the NSW Liberal Opposition have this week stated that they intend to cancel Ethics Classes should they win office in the upcoming NSW State Election in 2011. We believe this is an example of the undue influence of religion in Australian politics and continues the pattern of politicians who do not represent their constituents.

The Secular Party stands for a true secular society in Australia.

Nov 25, 2010