Secular Party Calls for Reconstruction Efforts be Funded by Abolishing Tax Breaks and Grants to Religions

The Secular Party is opposed to the introduction of a Flood Levy and the scrapping of worthwhile renewable energy projects and anti-terrorism foreign aid projects to fund natural disaster recovery efforts.

These costs could be funded from rolling back many of the generous taxation exemptions given to religions in Australia that could be as high as $29.4 billion per annum.Australia faces significant costs following a series of natural disasters including floods and a cyclone in Queensland.

The Federal Government proposes to fund this by imposing a Flood Levy and axing renewable energy projects. The Coalition meanwhile proposes to axe programs including the funding of anti-extremist measures in Indonesia.

We call on the Government and Opposition to consider funding reconstruction by rolling back unwarranted public subsidies and tax breaks to Australia’s wealthiest religions.

Many of these religious organisations operate businesses such as mortgage-broking that are exempt from company tax, stamp duty and council rates that other businesses and individuals are required to pay.

It is estimated that tax exemptions and direct subsidies to the religious sector could total as much as $29.4 billion every year.

This amount could pay for the Queensland floods and cyclone many times over.

The Secular Party stands for a true secular society in Australia, free of religious influence in matters of public policy.
Feb 14, 2011