Must not be a PO BOX.
Filling this out will help us better target our advertising to help gain new members and build a stronger party.
As a party member you can stay in informed with the latest news and events by subscribing to our various email lists.
The AEC allows for you to be a member of multiple parties. We need to know if you are a member of an alternate party as we are not permitted to use your membership towards our minimum requirement total.


  • I wish to become a member of the above political party. I support the Aims of the Secular Party of Australia as detailed in

    the Party's constitution.
  • I am eligible for Federal elections. i.e. I am 17 years of age or older; I am an Australian citizen (or a British citizen who was on the Australian electoral roll on 25 January 1984) and I have lived at the above address for at least one month.
  • I consent that the information provided in this form may be forwarded to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in support of the Party's continued registration as a political party and I agree to confirm my Party membership to the AEC if queried by them.
  • I declare that the information I have given in this form is true and complete.
  • I acknowledge that yearly membership fees apply outlined in the Membership page.


This form may be forwarded to the AEC to confirm that the Party continues to meet the registration requirements. The AEC may contact you to confirm that you are a Party member and that you have submitted this form. The AEC may enter the details on this form into a database for cross-checking purposes. The information will be treated as confidential by the AEC.