Following Mr Howard’s and Mr Rudd’s joint appearance at the Hillsong Church, to canvass Christian voters, I would like to ask both of them the following question. Out of all the possible religions that have been known to humanity, why is it that you think that yours is the only one that is true?

I think I may assume that Mr Howard and Mr Rudd will be unable to provide a rational answer to this question, because there is none. Yet despite their differences, Mr Howard and Mr Rudd both claim that their religious beliefs provide them with their essential guiding principles. If someone is unable to give a rational account of what most deeply motivates them, are they really a suitable candidate for high office?

Given the world’s problems, is religion part of the solution or is it part of the problem? This is a question that many people are now beginning to ask. Rather than religion, a far better solution is to seek rational answers based on universal principles such as compassion, freedom, honesty and justice.

Aug 11, 2007