Funding for religion in Australia is costing taxpayers over 2000 dollars each per year according to figures released today by the Secular Party of Australia.
The party has calculated that total funding for religious institutions including tax exemptions and grants for religious schools is currently worth 31 billion dollars.

According to Royston Wilding, Secular candidate for Melbourne, the average taxpayer is therefore contributing over 2000 dollars per year to their local church, mosque or synagogue whether they are a believer or not.

“Many Melbournians are concerned that both parties will continue to support religious organisations at the expense of the taxpayer” Mr Wilding said. According to the 2011 census, 41% of Melbournians identify as non-believers.

“Voting number one for us in the Melbourne electorate will send an unambiguous message to Canberra that funding religion at the expense of the tax payer is unacceptable Mr Wilding said.

The Secular Party is fielding candidates in select House of Representatives seats, as well as the Senate in most states.

Aug 26, 2013