Following on from the terrorist attack in Sydney in December, we have now witnessed a further fatal attack by Islamist gunmen in Paris. Apologists for Islam may again seek to obfuscate and divert blame. We certainly do not need to further provoke community disharmony; neither should we attempt to deny the truth.

As with the Sydney attack, John Perkins, Secular Party President, again identifies the cause: “Of course we should not blame peaceful cultural Muslims. But we must blame religion”, he said.

How do we explain Islamic terrorism? Some blame politics. Some blame culture. Some blame ignorance. Some blame alienation. Some blame mental illness. Some profess not to understand the cause. Some say it has nothing to do with the true “religion of peace”.

All these are excuses and diversions, Perkins said. The motivation for terrorism is contained in the Koran, and was laid down by the Prophet Mohammed himself. This is perfectly clear from the Islamic scriptures and from the testimonies of the terrorists themselves. “We need to face reality: the problem is religion, and the only solution is secularism”, Dr Perkins added.

The critical examination of religion is almost totally lacking from the current debate. Beliefs should be justified by evidence. However the historical origins of religions all show them to be based in ancient myth. “Before our societies are further traumatised by religions and their adherents, we must realise that reason and rationality are the only appropriate antidotes”, Perkins said.

The Secular Party stands for freedom of and from religion, and is opposed to the indoctrination of children. When Islamists attempt to suppress freedom, we will seek to defend it. When religions, including Islam, cause oppression, especially of women, we will offer critical comments. When religious adherents, including Islamists, conduct egregious acts of violence, we will continue to be resolute and fearless in ascribing blame where it is due.

“Universal values such as honesty, justice, freedom and compassion should be our guides”, Perkins concluded.

Jan 8, 2015